Fro Organix

Fro Organix

Ron Flowers, known as Fro Organix is from Richmond Virginia. Starting out as a DJ in 1984, a talent passed down from his father Organix later graduated to music production. Within a few years Organix started a group with one of his close friends They had many names and in the end had the name I.D.U. Productions. Between 1988 – 1993 I.D.U. with members B Trent (Via), M. Archer (D’angelo), Tony Walker (Mega Roka) R. Johnson, (DJ Velocity) created many original pieces.

In 1993, then called Baby Fro, Organix was signed to a publishing deal. Within his career Organix has collaborated with, signed and un signed artists including D’Angelo, Dirty Soulz, Angie Stone, Lemel Humes, Amholis Mbolo, Buttas (Shaun Nicole), Jimmy Trent, Mitch L Hennessy, BoomTown, Divine Sunz, House Of Tre’, New Breed of Funk (Va Slim, J.D. Haze), The Flamethrowarz, Via, Mega Roka, Dennis “Lucky” Taylor and a few other un signed artists. Organix also recorded an un-released remix for Casserine and a promotional Remix for Brandy, “Baby”collaborating production with D’Angelo. Fro in 1999 and 2000 created and promoted two Virginia music showcases called the “Hip Hop Expo” bringing 14 of the hottest unsigned talent to the stage.

The goal is to let the world hear and see his thoughts, visions and to make a difference to the hearts and soul of the listener and looker. Thank you for your time and interest.



  • DJ (1984 – 1990)
  • Music Producer (1986 – Present)
  •  I.D.U. Productions (1986 – 1991)
  • Midnight Music Publishing (Polygram) (1992-1996)
  • Worked in Battery Studios with the Dirty Soulz and D’angelo (1992-1994)
  • Baby Baby Remix for Brandy. Co Produced with D’angelo – 1994
  • Produced/Released Buttas “Snake Eyes” – 1996
  • Promoted Music Showcase (Hip Hop Expo) – 1998
  • Promoted Music Showcase (Hip Hop Expo II) – 1999
  • Tracks on Dennis “Lucky” Taylor album release -2010
  • Producer, Mega Roka album release – 2011
  •  Released Instrumental Producer album “Meter” – 2015
  •  Released SoundCloud Instrumental Album “The Ganix” – 2016
  • Released SoundCloud Instrumental Album “The Ganix ii – 2017
  • Released Sophomore Instrumental album “Platinum” – 2017
  •  Slika “Halfway House” Video (Filmed and Co-Directed) – 2018
  • Slika “Tear It Down” Video (Treatment, Directed, Filmed, Edited) – 2019


Project Management, Production, Arranging, Artist Development, Recording and Mixing, Marketing, Promotions, Artist Management, Screen Writing